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Ninja Games

All Ninjas ages 5-11, White or Yellow Level

So what are the Ninja Games?


The Ninja Games were created to allow ninjas to compete several times a year, while maintaining a Balanced Life of Fun, Family, and Sport. At the Ninja Games each Ninja will compete by participating in a CHASE scene and CONFLICT scene. The CHASE scene will involve an obstacle course for each level of Ninja, while the CONFLICT scene will involve different combinations of Ninja moves called Takes. A TAKE is the name for the set of combinations of Turns, Rolls, Kicks, Flips or Jumps. Depending on competitive level, the TAKES will be Compulsory or Freestyle. Compulsory Combos will be predetermined by Ninja Sport International. Each Ninja will receive a combined score from both scenes based upon Form, Completion Time, and Accuracy. Medals are awarded to the competitors with the highest combined scores.


When and where is this super cool awesome competition going to be?


Date & Time:  Sunday October 23rd, 2016 2:00pm - approximately 5:00pm

Where:  Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone, 925 N. Lapeer Rd, Suite 318, Oxford Mi, 48371

Registration spots are limited to 40 participants, deadline to register is Monday, October 3rd.  You can register online via our website, stopping in, or calling our office at 248-236-9600.


Who can sign up?


All Ninjas must be enrolled in Ninja class currently or have taken 3 months of Ninja classes previously. Ninja Girls & Ninja Boys will compete co-ed.  Each Ninja participating is REQUIRED to take a 3 hour Ninja Training Class.  This Class will be held on Sunday October 16th from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm at Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone.

How much does it cost?

Each participant must purchase a Ninja Game Package which includes: their entrance fee, admission tickets for the Ninja’s immediate family (parents & siblings) to the event, competition T-shirt, Ninja Zone stadium cup, and the 3 hour Training Class. The value of this package is $140. We are selling it all together for $95.


Why Training Clinics? What is the purpose of my Ninja doing the required Clinics?

The Training Clinic will prepare Ninjas for the specific skills that will be tested in the Conflict scene, the elements of the Chase scene, along with what is expected of a Ninja at the Ninja Games.


What do the Ninjas need to wear to participate in the event?

The competition shirt included with their Ninja Games Registration Package, their Ninja Headband that they use in class, and athletic shorts or sweatpants.


Can my Ninja bring guests to watch?

Yes!  In addition to the Ninja’s immediate family that are included in the entry fee, additional tickets may be purchased at the door for $5. Children ages 4 - 12 are $3 and ages 3 and under are free.




You can register online, in our office, or by calling 248-236-9600.  Payment is due at time of registration.  Registration closes on Monday, October 3rd.