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248 236-9600

Homeschool Gymnastics

Girls, Ages 6 and Up

The GYM STARZ Development Program introduces and progresses young girls through the fun and challenging world of gymnastics. Our program is structured to enable and encourage each student to master progressive skills on all four Women's Olympic Events (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor). Student's skills are formally evaluated at the end of every two month session. Recognition for skill achievement is provided along the way.

GIRLS AGES 6 AND UP - Mixed Level

Class: GYM STARZ  (55 minutes)


Tuition:  $74 per month


Thursday          10:00 am  to  10:55 am,  11:00 am  to  11:55 am,  12:00 pm  to  12:55 pm

*Must call to register for these classes*