Learn About Kindermusik Levels:

Kindermusik Level 1

0 - 18 Months

Kindermusik Level 2

18 Months - 3 Years

Kindermusik Level 3

3 - 5 Years

Kindermusik Level 4

5 - 7 Years

Kindermusik Musicians

6 - 7 Years

Kindermusik Mixed Age

0 - 7 Years

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Why Does Age or Developmental Level Matter in Music Classes?

From vocal range to instrument safety to attention span, every age is different. That’s why each Kindermusik class is designed to help children truly enjoy the activities and meet appropriate developmental milestones. All Kindermusik classes are pressure free so that each child can learn at their own pace.

Foundation Level 1

(0 – 18 months) Offered year-round.

Did you know sound recognition begins in the womb? Foundation classes are all about exploring and reacting to new sounds, objects, and movements. Plus, parents and caregivers heighten connections with their babies by learning bonding techniques. Give your little one extra confidence to move, groove, and speak!

Level 1 classes allow young toddlers to explore new movements, objects, and words, while learning basic music concepts. Families also discover how to create better daily routines with music.

Level 2

(18 months – 3 years) Offered year-round.

Toddlers have tons of energy and curiosity. Level 2 classes are all about exploring creativity and enhancing cognitive development through singing, dancing, and instrument play, while grownups learn how to help unpack big emotions with music.

Watch Toddler video here

Level 3

(3-5 years) Offered year-round.

Did you know that preschoolers have a natural love of music? Level 3 classes use music to boost language skills, confidence, social-emotional skills, self-control, and more. Parents and caregivers join a portion of each class to participate in music-making.

Watch Video for preschoolers here

Level 4

Kindermusik Musicians: Year One

(5-7 years)  For New Students with Glockenspiel Offered fall and winter session.

Thinking of signing up for music lessons? Level 4 classes help build a foundation for formal music instruction. Children explore basic music symbols and more complex instruments. Plus, families can observe as their children’s master concepts that boost learning in other subjects. Reading music to get your child ready for private lessons for the future.

Watch Video here

Kindermusik Musicians: Year Two

(6-7 years) offered fall & winter session. For Previous Students Only; Dulcimer & Recorder.

When kids learn big concepts in groups, it’s more likely to stick. Kindermusik Musicians classes introduce music notation, new and complex instruments, and different genres of music. Children participate in ensembles while improving their problem-solving and pre-literacy skills.

Watch Video here

Mixed Age

(0-7 years) Offered spring & summer.

Need something for the whole family? Mixed-Age classes are designed for infants through seven-year-olds to make music and get the wiggles out together. Families build connections, grownups learn ideas for music exploration and play at home, and there’s room for everyone to grow.

Watch Video here

Kindermusik Accredited

Since 2006, our Kindermusik program has been nominated as a Top Program by Kindermusik International. In 2023, we are now ranked in the top 50 (1%) internationally (#27 in the world), #19 nationally, and #1 in the State of Michigan. Join our award-winning program!

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Your Kindermusik Visit

Our Kindermusik visits are designed for families to learn more about Kindermusik in our pressure free classroom. The cost of a Kindermusik visit is $15.00 per child. Once the visit is complete and you enroll in the current session you visit. We will apply the visit cost to the cost of that class.

Call Kids Energy Zone at (248) 236-9600 to arrange your child’s Kindermusik visit today! Any questions about our Kindermusik program or visit? Feel free to email Giselle @ giselledgraham@gmail.com

Giselle Graham, Instructor

Giselle Graham, Director

Kindermusik Director at Kids Energy Zone since 2015; Bachelor of Arts from Marygrove College; over 25 years of vocal training. Performed in musicals, plays and school choirs since the age of 6.

Giselle has been a Certified Kindermusik Instructor since 2000. Giselle has been married for over 25 years to her husband Jamie with 2 beautiful daughters ages 19 & 23.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. The most rewarding part of teaching Kindermusik is being able to provide music to children each week and watching them grow. I teach with a lot of passion & energy.  I truly have the best job in the world.”

Kindermusik Instructor Marcy Mitchell

Marcy Mitchell, Instructor

Marcy started playing flute at age 11 and picked up saxophone at age 14. She had several years of private lessons in both instruments. She participated in concert band, jazz band, symphony band, marching band, and pit orchestra throughout high school. More recently, she played flute in the Lapeer Symphony Orchestra.

After high school, Marcy married and had three wonderful children. Although she was suddenly very busy, she never lost her love for music, and as a result, that love passed down to all her children, who are now musicians. She has been married for 20 years. It has been a dream of hers for years to become a Kindermusik Instructor.

Kindermusik Instructor Marcy Mitchell

Tamara Finlay, Instructor

Tamara Finlay is a classically trained singer songwriter, artist, educator and mom based out of Ortonville MI. She has performed solo as well as with various Detroit bands and as a studio vocalist. She co-wrote, performed, and released the single  “Uncle Andrei” with her band The Thornbills on Third Man Records, produced by Jack White in 2010.

She has performed in many of Michigan’s premiere folk venues and festivals such as The Ark, Trinity House, Arts Beats and Eats, and Earthwork Harvest Gathering. She has shared the stage with such esteemed artists Jack White, Wanda Jackson, Patti Smith, and Rodriguez among many others.

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Parent Comments

We love kindermusik!!! I first started taking my now 14 month old at 9 months and she loves every second of it. Giselle is such a wonderful teacher and connects so well with the kids. My daughter has so much fun every week and also learns so much. I can really see how this has helped with her social skills and basic development. I couldn’t be happier with the kindermusik program and recommend it to anyone who wants to do something fun with their baby/toddler.

I’ve had all three of my children in the Kindermusik program with Ms. Giselle.  It is a terrific music program for little ones, and Ms. Giselle is absolutely wonderful!  She actively engages the kids and makes it so much fun for them!

Mary R.

Oxford, MI

I wanted to tell you what a great experience we had with our daughter, Nora, in Miss Ivy’s Kindermusik class. Nora truly had a blast each week, and learned a lot from the class. On the last day of class, she finally helped put things away in the basket (at the start of class, she used to take items out…lol). Ivy is such a sweet and enthusiastic teacher; she has a real way with the kids. Each class had something different to offer but also reinforced the themes Ivy was teaching, like patience or helping. We loved coming to class each week. 
Just wanted to pass along my thanks for this program and my praise of Ivy! We’ll be back in the winter.
Happy Holidays!
Tara Taylor

December 2019

I can’t say enough great things about the Kindermusik program!  I have 4 kids that have all participated in the program at various ages. They’ve all loved it and I love watching them grow. It’s a great activity for any personality. My shy kids open up, my outgoing ones actually sit and take it all in, and they all STILL listen to the CDs and read the books!  The programs and the instructors have been amazing and I am forever grateful I found this program!  Wouldn’t change it for the world!  Hands down a must for kids of all ages!

Cathy H.


Kindermusik is so much fun! My almost 3 year old little boy loves singing all the different songs and playing with different instruments! Its obvious how much Ms. Giselle loves teaching music and her kiddos! Highly recommend!
Amanda N.

December 10, 2017

My kids LOVE Giselle and adore going to kindermusic every week. She has such a joy and passion for both music and all of the kids in her class. It’s amazing to see how much my 18 month old has grown and changed while taking this class.
Becky P.

December 10, 2017

A great music related class for your kiddos! The teacher, Giselle, has such a wonderful passion and a natural way of connecting with children. A fun, brain-developing way to help your kiddos to come out of their shells! My daughter and I love it!

Christine W.

December 7, 2017

Want to submit a parent comment? Email them directly to: Giselle @ giselledgraham@gmail.com


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