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248 236-9600

Kindermusik Fall Schedule

Boys/Girls Newborn to 7 years

$75.00 deposit or payment in full must be paid at time of registration to hold your child's spot for any of our Kindermusik classes.


Monthly payments are available. Must Call Energy Zone to arrange your monthly payments at 248-236-9600.  Monthly payments will automatically deducted the 1st of each month. 1st payment for the fall session will be deducted on September 1st.


A registration fee is due the first day of class. 1 per family per year if your family is new to Energy Zone.  The registration fee is $25 for one child, or $40 for multiple children.


Physical materials that are passed out in class from Kindermusik International are nonrefundable and are included in your price. 


12 kids per class. Your child can attend Kindermusik with a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or nanny.


No class Evening of October 31, November 27, & Thanksgiving weekend November 28 & 29.


$10 referral discount for every new student you refer.  Refer 5 friends to join Kindermusik & you save $50.00!


Make up classes are available if your child is sick or your family is on vacation. Details about make up classes will be discussed on the first day of class.  Call Energy Zone directly to arrange a makeup class.


Please email Giselle Graham @ giselledgraham@gmail.com with any questions regarding our Kindermusik program, and please put "Kindermusik at Energy Zone" in the subject line of your email. Thank you!


Come experience music inside a pressure free class room! Make new friends, play with instruments, sing, dance, and most of all have FUN with your child each week at Kindermusik!



Ages newborn-18 months



Feathers — The musical poems of Woody Guthrie, bird songs, and the naturally occurring sounds in nature help babies develop an early appreciation—and accelerated aptitude—for language, movement, and music in this class.

Home Materials: CD with over 25 specially-selected recordings from class, Kindermusik chimeball, a colorful picture book of birds—Feathers, and a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.


Feathers:  Age 0-18 months (6 week class)

$75.00 for materials, $33.50 per month (Nov & Dec)   Total cost: $142.00


Monday  10:45 - 11:30am  November 4 - December 9  (Ivy)

Thursday  5:30-6:15pm   November 7 - December 19  (Ivy)

Friday      9:00 -  9:45am  November 1 - December 13  (Giselle)

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Ages 18 months - 3 years



Wiggles & Giggles — The more than 30 songs, 15 dances, and 8 different instruments create these unique music activities, designed to reflect the importance of movement in the life of a toddler.



Home Materials Double CD featuring 50 songs, sounds, and recordings of favorite activities from class; two music and movement books—Watch Me! and Pete and P.J. (to develop early literacy skills); Home Activity Book; and a pair of zig zag blocks (instrument to develop rhythm and hand-eye coordination), all conveniently stored in a Wiggles & Giggles carry bag.



Wiggles & Giggles! Age 18 months – 3yrs (15 weeks)

$75.00 deposit $44.25 a month (Sept.-Dec.) Total cost: $252.00


Thursday  10:15 - 11:00 am  September 5 - December 19  (Giselle)

Thursday    6:30 -   7:15 pm  September 5 - December 19  (Ivy)

Friday       10:00 - 10:45 am  September 6 - December 20  (Giselle)

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Ages 3 - 5 years



See What I Saw — In this class, preschoolers use their real experience of playing in the park to create imaginative, storytelling scenarios with music—go on an imaginary trip to Grasshopper Park where they sail down the park slide and then recreate the sound of that experience with a loooong vocal glissando.  Each week provides preschoolers one uninterrupted session of imaginative play that’s guided in a very specific, sequential way—with a special sharing time with parents in the last 15 minutes of class.



Home Materials: Two literature books—Can You Find Me? and The Ant Picnic Feast, two Home CDs, a See What I Saw play set (pretend play manipulative component), a Family Activity Book, a clatterpillar instrument, all packaged in an optional Imagine That! backpack.



See What I Saw! (15 weeks) Ages 3-5yrs

New students $ 75 deposit $46.75 a month for (Sept.-Dec.) Total cost $262.00

Previous students w/ KI backpack: $75 deposit $44.25 a month (Sept.-Dec.)

 Total cost $252.00


Thursday 11:15 - Noon       September 5 - December 19  (Giselle)

Thursday   5:30 - 6:15 pm  September 5 - December 19  (Ivy)

Friday      11:00 -11:45 am  September 6 - December 20  (Giselle)


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Ages 5 - 7 years

Young Child Semester 1Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3, and 4 begins with this early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm. Through dances and games that focus on rhythmic development, we’ll learn a keyboard instrument—the glockenspiel—which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes. Your At Home Materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you’ll hear about from class, so your child—and you!—can learn where you’re most comfortable: at home.


Home Materials: Children’s folder with stickers, games bag, Music at Home cards, Family Songbook, Home CD of music from class, glockenspiel, and   Young Child   carry bag (during first semester).

Young Child Semester 1- Glockenspiel (15 weeks) Ages 5-7yrs

New students - $75.00 deposit $56.25 a month (Sept. Dec.) Total- $300.00


Thursday     9:00 - 10:00 am  September 5 - December 19  (April Boucke')


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